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Our soaker pads are designed for the meat industry. They have high absorbsion rates and eliminate excess blood / moisture in the packaging. They can be used in bags and also trays.

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Related Products

Cryovac Ham Caps

Ham caps are designed to cap the bone on a leg of ham to eliminate piercing of the bag. They are available in clear and gold.

Cryovac Casings

Our casings are great for the small goods and pet food industries. Various coloured tubing and widths are available.

Cryovac Ageless Oxygen Absorbers

Cryovac ageless oxygen absorber sachets are design to fit into your sealed bag to reduce / absorb any oxygen which may be trapped in the bag. There are various strengths available to suit wet and dry products.

Bone Guard

Our specialist Cryovac bone guard provides our meat products with the right protection to ensure packaging doesn’t pierce. Various widths and lengths are available. Our bone guard comes in rolls and pre cut sheets.

Australia’s largest range of Cryovac shrink.

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